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Factors to Consider when Writing an Author Bio

Having a good author bio is essential. This is the section that has all the information about you. The best way to improve the sales of your book is by having an amazing author bio. The readers will get a chance to know the author by reading the author bio, which helps in marketing your book. The following steps will guide you when writing an author bio.

Ensure that you write three version of your bio. The initial version needs to have information about the online source. The opening version should have articulate information on how the readers can check out your website. The other version should leave room for a guest spot. The guest spot should mention a popular author, which will help you market your book. The final version should be a byline. Recognize everyone who assisted you to write the book. Mention your achievements. You should brag about some of your accomplishment as an author. If you are a new author and you have recently published an article for the local newspaper, talk about it.

Ensure that the information is brief and do not mention your demographics. To do not avail a lot of personal information in the bio. What you write on the author bio should benefit the author and identify you as an excellent author. The titles of the list of publications that you mention should be in italics and without any quotation marks. Follow the same rule when mentioning the publisher and the year of publication. Refer to yourself using the third person. Applying the third person is better than using a pronoun.

Mention your education background and experience. You can add the courses that you have done in the bio info. You are also allowed to mention the university where you took these courses. Indicate the of your writing club. In case you are part of a writing club, and the members were influential to you publishing the book, you have to mention them. Talk about the writing club in a few words. When you write about the club, include their contacts.

If you have any ambitions for the book, mention it in your author bio. For example, if your book is about being successful, you can briefly say that you hope readers become successful after reading your book. Include a small piece about what makes you special. The readers need to know from you the main reason you are special as compared to other authors. Review the author bio you have written to ensure you have not left anything out.

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