Benefits of Buying Used Packaging Equipment

Many kinds of equipment are required for the entire process of packaging. This includes filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, and complete turnkey packaging systems. Other packaging equipment which is manufactured by many companies is bottle unscramblers, bottle rinsers, liquid fillers, and cappers, labelers, sleeving machines, sealing machines, conveyors, turntables, heat tunnels, sleeves, coders and support packaging machinery.

Whether buying a car for the family or production equipment for a manufacturing facility, looking for the best deal while getting a quality product is usually the number-one objective for most people. Savvy manufacturers will explore all options, including looking at used as well as new equipment and base their decision on what best meets their needs. And in the face of these hard economic times, it is imperative to look at all means necessary to cut costs and increase profits. In the long-run, buying used equipment is a viable option that may not only save money but also decrease downtime and establish relationships with used equipment dealers that will go the extra mile for a natural products manufacturer or raw material supplier.

Why Buy Used?

While buying new equipment may seem the obvious choice, many times, it is just not a practical reality. New equipment is often not readily available and companies in need of machinery may be quoted lead times of six months or more–time that they do not have. Used packaging equipment, on the other hand, is available immediately, with a variety of comparable models from which to choose. Furthermore, a knowledgeable dealer can often locate equipment that is close to a manufacturer’s facility, which may sidestep potential shipping costs.

Perhaps the greatest benefit in buying used is that a manufacturer’s engineers can inspect a pre-owned machine first-hand while it is still installed and running product at its original place of business. This allows the manufacturers to see everything the machine does, what parts it has and its overall condition. New equipment purchases rarely if ever afford this luxury. Depending on the machine, new equipment customers will likely see either drawings or similar models of the machine that has yet to be manufactured, but not the specific machine being bought until it has been delivered.

  • More Productivity

When you choose to buy used machines instead of new machines, the money you save may allow you to buy multiple machines-more than you had initially planned on buying. When you have more hardware within your packaging line, you’ll obviously be able to package more of your product, so your line will work quickly and more efficiently. Over time, you may find that this can increase the amount you’re able to ship to your suppliers, and in turn, you may be able to sell more of your product overall.

  • Better Customer Support

Buying new machines often means you’re simply buying from a retailer looking to make a quick buck. While that isn’t necessarily a problem, buying a used machine means that you’re buying a product from people who have a vested interest in the machine’s efficiency and reliability. For that reason, they will likely be more receptive to any questions you have about your machine, and there’s a better chance they will also have the know-how to advise you should you have any concerns. In the case of buying new machinery for your packaging line, if you have concerns you may just be re-directed to the manufacturer. Sellers who specialize in used equipment often have more knowledge of the products they are selling and will be happy to answer questions for you.

  • Bigger Selection

Choosing to buy used machines opens up a larger array of models to choose from. For example, if you have a set budget and a brand name’s newest model exceeds that budget, you may think you’re out of luck. However, if you buy a used machine, you may be able to get that newer-model machine at a cost that works with your budget. Your packaging line works best when it has great machinery on it, so why wouldn’t you opt to get the better machine.