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The Easiest Process of Making Cannabis Honey At Home

Cannabis products have become famous ever since growing the plant and using its products was legalized. For many decades, cannabis was stereotyped as a harmful drug with no use, until science proved it has great medicinal value. After legalization, industries ventured into heavy commercial production of various types of cannabis products for different uses, and they are costly. That made us think of turning to home-based solutions of making these products at home. This article discusses CBD oil and how to make cannabis oil from home. You only need locally available ingredients and equipment to make CBD honey. The procedure is well explained here to the details, and it takes a short time. Most people take pride in growing their marijuana. How about we teach you how to make these extracts and products that are tax-free, chemical-free and preservative-free right under your roof?

Cannabis oil is an extract of marijuana plant. Different species of marijuana plants give different concentrations of THC whenever the oil is extracted from it. The ratio of CBD to THC will be almost equal for every marijuana plant that has been subjected to extraction. The hybrid marijuana plant has an even concentration of THC and CBD making it the most recommended variety to use. Both elements are extracted from the cannabis plant, but you can find them separately in the market. TCH is psychoactive and induces the light-headed high feeling that most people attribute after using weed. CBD is not psychoactive; instead, it gives a calmness effect to help with pain, inflammation and anxiety.

Alcohol is the most used extract of Cannabis oil from the cannabis plant. People are advised against using drinking liquor to extract the cannabis oil because it is not highly concentrated for effective extraction and is stained with flavours. Buy isopropyl and mix it with the plant parts to suck the oil and dissolve it in it. The mixture of alcohol and oil is left to vaporize to leave the cannabis honey. The winterization process is very crucial to purify the oil or else one will get cherry oil. The benefits of winterization is it helps separate facts, chlorophyll and residues from the honey. The end product is a dark looking gum which is the cannabis honey.

The ingredients and equipment for homemade marijuana extract are a jar, baking pan, marijuana, coffee filter, freezer, isopropyl alcohol and a scraping tool. Place the marijuana and isopropyl alcohol inside a freezer and leave it there for 24 hours. The next day, pour the isopropyl alcohol inside a jar with marijuana until it is covered and mix it rigorously. Pour the mixture through a coffee filter into a baking pan. Vaporize the alcohol and scrape the thick residue into a container. That is your newly homemade honey cannabis explained in a few steps.

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