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Features of a New Workbench you should Consider
Woodworking is one of the flourishing industries globally. Many people have embraced the informal sectors of production which have seen many industries come up. At the core of great woodworking or craft making is the use of the right workbench. A workbench provides the surface for which any work can be done to come up with the right product. A workbench is a piece of important equipment for woodworkers, metalworkers, and even jewelers. Through this article, you will find a glimpse of the crucial aspects that will help you find the best workbench.
It is important to consider the length of the work surface. You should ensure that the workbench you purchase is one that will be easily accommodated into your workshop. By considering the length of the workbench, you will know the right projects to complete using the workbench. You should avoid any obstructions that would limit the length of the workbench. Some of the obstructions would be posts, walls, and doors. Comparing the measurements of the workbench and the workshop space will help find the right fit.
You also need to be keen on the work surface width. In case you intend to have the table rested on a wall, then it is ideal if you make the width of the table not above three feet. Anything more than that will go to waste as you will find it hard to reach out to the end of the table from one other end. If you are planning to hang tools on the wall adjacent to the edge of the table, then making the work surface width shorter is advisable as it will limit your chances of straining.
Additionally, you should consider the height of the workbench. You should always make a point of making the workplace as safe as possible. As such, you should ensure that there are no incidents of a severe body straining that would lead to cases of injuries. It implies that the height of the workbench needs to be not lower than your thigh area. This will see you avoid causing stress on your neck and back by slouching down too much. You need to protect your arms too by not making the height go too high.
Finally, you also need to be mindful of the work surface material. Your workbench should be able to help you take care of any project. As such, the surface of the workbench needs to be strong enough to take any kind of pounding and scratching. The strength should come from the material you make use of. You can consider a heavy duty stainless steel as one of the ideal materials to use.