How I Became An Expert on Proxies

Guide On How To Make Money With Proxies

Proxies are servers that are used to obtain resources from other servers illegally and in an unacceptable manner. Proxies have been used by many people to conduct illegal things but today we have a pretty good idea as to why you should be keen to use your proxy. The ideas have all that it takes so that no one knows where you are and who you are simply because you are hiding behind a proxy.

The proxy is like a wall that protects you this yuh have enough privacy of your identity. In the case that you make good use of proxies be used to reap monetary benefits . It is difficult to do so but make sure you have certain level of technical know-how, that way you can make lots of money with Proxies. We have some tips to help you make money with proxies in a legal and acceptable way rather than the other unacceptable ways.

First, setup public proxy server with adverts. Simply create a public proxy then you enable advertisements since the proxy can be seen by everyone they can click or share the adverts, in this event you get money instantly into your account. This method you will need a special software in order to set this up. Go for a software which is suitable for individual use as well as has a paid plan.

Enable search engine results page tracker for Google rankings. Today websites are seeking to increase their positions in search results . This is done through the creation of resourceful information and keywords that are geared towards greater and higher rankings. How does this relate to proxies, well the thing is you can scrap the keywords and sell them to other people .

Make use of a secure socket layer encryption using a proxy. This is simply a certificate that makes your website safe and secure. To male more here you need to make SSL encryption for people with many websites cheaper . Utilize reverse proxies to protect websites from blows of attacks. You can have many people save from buying certificates for each website in this case. You can simply certify your proxy and so other websites will flow through it, this is another way to make money with proxies.
The above is the most acceptable and leg ways to make money with proxies. These are just some of the ways you can adapt to make money with proxies, of course, we have others as well as those that are not legal since they have a bad reputation.

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